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Clint McElroy

Has fathered (an estimated) three childrenWas senior class president for Ironton High School Class of ’73 (1973, wise-ass, not 1873)Wrote Green Hornet comic books…for money.Is the most popular teacher at Marshall University because he is an easy A and never takes rollMade his motion picture debut in We Are MarshallKilt him a bar when he was only 3Has sung and danced in a Tony Award-winning Broadway productionWorked for 42 years in the Radio industry (Ask your grandparents about it)Played Ran’l Hatfield in a Hatfield and McCoy TV show on A&E NetworkLoves doing The Adventure Zone because it enables him hang with his kids on a regular basisONLY ONE OF THESE STATEMENT IS FALSE! CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE?